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Rising Up with Sonali Shut It Down: Stories From A Fierce, Loving Resistance 8/29/19

Let’s Try Democracy Nonviolence Denial Is As Dangerous As Climate Change  9/3/19

Waging Nonviolence: Global Justice Mobilization in Cancun 2003,  9/5/19

Democracy Now Shut It Down: Veteran Organizer Lisa Fithian Offers a Guide to Resistance in Era of Climate Crisis  9/6/19

Paradigms Lisa Fithian – Non-Violent Direct Action – New Book “Shut It Down”  9/8/19 Excerpt 9/11/19

KZFR-FM Interview on “Peace and Justice” with Lisa Fithian 8/27/19

Johns Hopkins University News-Letter Anti-racist activist Lisa Fithian teaches social change tactics 9/12/19

Westword Activist Lisa Fithian Never Hesitates to Shut It Down 9/13/19

WPFW-FM What’s At Stake  9/11/19

Kosmos Journal Shut It Down: Stories From a Fierce, Loving Resistance 9/23/19

KGO News Radio 810AM Activism with Lisa Fithian  9/18/19

Austin Monthly New Must-Read Books By Austin Authors  9/30/19

Let’s Try Democracy Talk Nation Radio: Lisa Fithian on Nonviolent Direct Action with David Swanson, 9/29/19

KPFA-FM Fuifuilupe Nieumeitolu and Indigenous Women and the Land, and Lisa Fithian and strategies for activism  9/30/19

Shelf Awareness Image of the Day: Lisa Fithian Visits Chelsea Green 10/4/19

Social Policy Magazine BOOK REVIEW Shut It Down: Stories From A Fierce, Loving Resistance By Lisa Fithian Chelsea Green Publishing, Vermont, 2019 10/11/19

Pebble Magazine 5 Books That Will Ignite Your Inner Activist 10/31/19

KOOP 91.7 FM Lisa Fithian Looks Both Back and Forward 11/1/19

Street Roots Lisa Fithian: A trainer of mass rebellion  11/15/19

AlterNet How We Shut Down the WTO by Lisa Fithian 11/29/19

YES! Magazine  11/29/19

Pebble Magazine Shut It Down: Tips And Tales From A Lifetime of Activism 11/28/19

KING 5 News Lisa Fithian, non-violent protest and civil disobedience expert 12/2/19

Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire, The Orange the World ñ Top 8 Feminist Books Everyone Must Read 12/5/19

Common Dreams Celebrating WTO+20 and Looking Forward in Seattle 12/7/19

Harper’s Bazaar 12/2/19

Platnum Magazine How To Protest Like a Pro

Be The Revolution Shut It Down! 1/28/2020

On Contact, Chris Hedges Fierce Loving Resistance with Lisa Fithian  2/16/20

Movement Memos interview with Kelly Hayes on Truthout, April 20, 2020

How Can Direct Action Survive During Covid, Naomi Wolf interviews Lisa Fithian, April 23, 2020

GUERRA Network Interview, April 22, 2020

G&R Episode 16: Shut It Down! Resistance in the Age of COVID-19 with Lisa Fithian!  April 28, 2020

David Rovics in discussion with Lisa Fithian,  April 29, 2020

Power Shift Webinar on Direct Action  May 22,2020